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Land of the Little People

What destiny is in store for the children of Israel today? How do kids who eat bread and war every day grow up? What values are transmitted to them by a generation of fathers engaged in a conflict for which there seems to be no end in sight? Land of the little people, the only Israeli ...
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Grill Dog

The Copernican revolution of the point of view is evident from the very first two titles: they're upside down. We see them upside down because Keith, the child who in the opening scene of Grill Dog is watching television, is upside down. The power of the subjective, from this very first directorial gesture that is almost a ...
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The Amish Project

In 2006, in the Amish village of Nickel Mines, an armed man entered a school and barricaded himself inside keeping as hostages only the girls. In the ensuing shootout five girls age six to ten died. Then the man turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. The response of the Amish community was consistent with ...
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Flipt 2016 – A Chronicle

You begin, in general, by measuring a distance. At the Venice Film Festival, for example, all the distance is already in the color of the accreditation card you wear around your neck. That color tells you which line to stand in to go into the movie theater to attend the preview of the movie that others ...
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Love Letters from the Middle East

'Love letters from the Middle East” is based, at least in the version we had the chance to see here at Flipt Festival in Fara in Sabina, on an extremely clear specularity. On one side of the mirror are the stories of Afghan and Iraqi women forced to wear the burqa and prisoners of a slew ...
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Dance for me (Short movie)

Frame from 'Dance for me' An outdoor location, by daylight. We see a medium shot of a park in London. Three are sitting on a bench. The camera is behind them, surprising them in a moment of idle idleness. Two of them are colored boys. The first, more corpulent, sings a rap song and sits on ...
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The strategies of oblivion

THE STRATEGIES OF OBLIVION Courses and recourses in the Italian cinema of the Holocaust from 1945 to 2016. (2017) Universitalia edizioni, Roma, 2017 IISBN 978-88-6507-830-3 After a time of collective denial of a past difficult even to think and to imagine, our cinema today appears to be full of fervent attention to the Jewish extermination. Yet, this experiential use ...
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April 1945. The Allies are by now in Germany and the Third Reich troops are but a dying and bleeding beast, and as such more dangerous than ever. Confusion reigns over the rubble and debris of cities, small and big. Streets are treacherous hazards that one must still cross to get to a piece of stale ...
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